The Proposal

Fast forward to June of 2015… By this time we were 2 yrs into our relationship and we had talked about getting married, but I was under the impression Omar wasn’t thinking about proposing until the end of the year. Little did I know Omar had something else up his sleeve… 

I graduated earlier in the year from receiving my Masters degree. Omar had organized a late surprise graduation party at Blue Jacket Park in Winter Park, FL in order to get all of our friends and family to come. He was worried that if they really knew about the proposal, someone would spoil it. In the meantime, he told me we were going to Blue Jacket Park to help film a birthday party. 

The only people who knew about this were our friends filming it and the dancers (that's right, I said dancers). Omar worked with a young lady, Nicole, who is part of a professional dance team called The Squad. They compete all over the country and she agreed to help with the proposal. Omar and I love to shake our booty and "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon was becoming popular on the radio during this time.  

Allow the following video to tell the rest of the story (and grab a tissue or two)... 

So everyone was thrown off as much as I was. For the record, when I was crying at the beginning, I still had no idea. I was just emotional over the thought that all of my friends showed up to celebrate my graduation. When the dancing started, I thought to myself... "Oh my, this is a bit over the top for a graduation." But within minutes I knew what was going on. 

When Omar got down on one knee he said, "Will you be my dance partner for the rest my life?" I may have just blubbered like an idiot rather than saying yes, but I think everyone got the point.