Slow Motion Video Booths

Sorry gang! I'm over a week late on this post, but for good reasons as we've been super busy with our business.

I also forgot to include something fun from when we started this movie theme journey... we went to the Enzian theater in Maitland, which is a non-profit local movie theater here in Orlando and created a "Save the Date" with our good friend Andrea Vankirk Wadle as our photographer. She and I have been good friends since we worked together at Disney back in 2002.

Funny story about us is that when I was persistent about getting a job at Disney Event Group, I constantly called the same number and Andrea kept answering the phone. We laughed and I could tell right away that if I started working there, we were going to be good friends. And I was right! 

Credit: www.stanpefilms.com Music Licensed through Songfreedom.

So, the reason we started this business... well... one of the classes I've helped teach at Full Sail was the Event Management course with my girl Jamie (you know, the one who created my wedding program). I taught a block on Trends in Technology and Fan Engagement. I discovered Slow Motion Video Booths a couple of years ago when Omar showed me a friend of his had done one at a convention. I thought, "How fun is that?!" and added this into my lecture for the class. 

When Omar and I had talked about getting married, we knew this was something we wanted at our own wedding. It was different and fun. Plus, it went with our movie theme! So when we got engaged immediately the first thing I Googled was "Slow Motion Video Booth Maryland." It wasn't "Venues Maryland" or "Floral" or "Decor". And not only did we know we wanted a video booth, but also wanted one of the best videographers in the area. So who happened to pop up when I Googled "Slow Motion Video Booth Maryland"? None other than Stan Pe Films. I looked at their website for the booth and I noticed right away he was also a videographer. We thoroughly liked what we saw and knew immediately he was our person.

They're a husband and wife team, Stan and Jeana Pe. Stan's eye for storytelling and skills with editing are amazing. When we Skyped with them, Omar and Stan immediately started to geek out over camera gear. At that moment we also learned he is self-taught which was even more amazing to hear. Stan not only gets hired locally in the DMV area, but throughout the world. We didn't have a date or venue set, but we told them regardless we wanted to hire them.

In the meantime, I was curious if anyone in Orlando had a Slow Motion Video Booth. When I was doing some research, only one company kept popping up and I thought, "Man, this would be really silly if we didn't take advantage of this. We have one of the largest convention centers in the country and we are one of the top locations for weddings."

I chatted with Omar about it and encouraged him that this could be something fun to do on the side together. He eventually agreed and the rest is history! (Which I'll continue to chat about throughout our blogs)

Credit: www.stanpefilms.com Music Licensed through Songfreedom.

When we were home last Xmas, we met up with Stan and Jeana to not only receive the rest of our videos, but to also chat about videography, our slow motion booth and Stan making plans to head to Asia to learn different filming and editing techniques. Jeana and I agreed we were now connected to a degree and that we're excited for each other's ventures. 

We recently learned they are expecting their first child and Stan's visit to Asia looked amazing! We continue to watch their videos and follow their journey. I am in awe of his work and hope they continue to be successful. So if you're looking for a wedding videographer in any part of the world or a Slow Motion Booth in Maryland... they are your people!

The Proposal

Fast forward to June of 2015… By this time we were 2 yrs into our relationship and we had talked about getting married, but I was under the impression Omar wasn’t thinking about proposing until the end of the year. Little did I know Omar had something else up his sleeve… 

I graduated earlier in the year from receiving my Masters degree. Omar had organized a late surprise graduation party at Blue Jacket Park in Winter Park, FL in order to get all of our friends and family to come. He was worried that if they really knew about the proposal, someone would spoil it. In the meantime, he told me we were going to Blue Jacket Park to help film a birthday party. 

The only people who knew about this were our friends filming it and the dancers (that's right, I said dancers). Omar worked with a young lady, Nicole, who is part of a professional dance team called The Squad. They compete all over the country and she agreed to help with the proposal. Omar and I love to shake our booty and "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon was becoming popular on the radio during this time.  

Allow the following video to tell the rest of the story (and grab a tissue or two)... 

So everyone was thrown off as much as I was. For the record, when I was crying at the beginning, I still had no idea. I was just emotional over the thought that all of my friends showed up to celebrate my graduation. When the dancing started, I thought to myself... "Oh my, this is a bit over the top for a graduation." But within minutes I knew what was going on. 

When Omar got down on one knee he said, "Will you be my dance partner for the rest my life?" I may have just blubbered like an idiot rather than saying yes, but I think everyone got the point. 

Allow myself to introduce... myself

Hey there! How are you?! Hope as you are reading this post you are having a fabulous day so far! 

First, let me introduce myself... my name is Marianthy Troupos Mendez, but my nickname is “Mudd.” Most of my friends, family, students and colleagues know me as “Mudd,” How did I get that nickname you ask? Well, it’s not terribly exciting. In fact, it might not translate so well on paper because you can’t hear the actual pronunciation of my given name. “Marianthy” is Greek and when pronounced properly it sounds beautiful. Buuuuttttt most people can’t pronounce it. When my younger brother was little he tried to mimic how my parents said my name, but it kept coming out “Muddyonthy.” “Muddy” stuck (pun intended) and since I played sports most of my life, it came out faster than “Marianthy.” Great story, right? Ok, great. 

Where does Omarvelous come into play? Well, my husband’s name is Omar. He and I had met playing in a social kickball league back at the beginning of 2013. The back of his jersey said “Omarvelous” and I thought that should be the name of our company. 

We didn’t start dating until a few months after we had met because I had originally just wanted to be friends, but I couldn’t deny the fact that this was the nicest guy I had ever met and I was incredibly comfortable around him. If you’ve read my and my husband, Omar’s, bio page you'll know that we both have a background in production. He in film and I in live TV & events.

We bonded over the love for movies, understood the terminology when we spoke about production, and that working 10-15 hours days was normal. But we also knew that film and live TV are just two completely different monsters.

Next week I will share with you how Omar proposed and bamboozled everyone in order to get us all into one location (psst, there’s even video of it!).